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  This is a new system to get in contact and share information with other collectors that does not always work right. When you click on the form area to fill out your information it sometimes sends you directly to the results form, if it does, just hit back page to go back to the form page and  this time click on the scan up and down bar at right and your cursor will then show up in the form area so you can fill it out. then hit submit. 

  Please help by saving your postings before you hit submit and then e-mail them to me to make sure they are not lost.   Do this by highlighting your posting with left click while passing over your posting with your cursor, then hit ctrl + c to save, hit the link below, move cursor to the body section of the e-mail, then paste using ctrl + v .         ...................................RichardSpens@aol.com.................................                                    :

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Revised: February 23, 2008